EdInBox2_80pxEducation in a Box

Worldwide Educational Resources brings high-quality educational materials, teacher training and libraries to developing nations, especially Africa. We call the project Education in a Box to highlight the fact that delivering an education to children does not have to be hard or complicated.

We see firsthand the transformative power of education to alleviate poverty and build life-sustaining systems.

We also see a huge need for quality education that includes thinking skills, character development, creativity, and cultural literacy.

The usual approach to learning in most developing nations is rote memorization using often outdated materials. Many times the schools have no books at all. Imagine a classroom crowded with children and no books, pencils, or paper.

WER has created an elementary curriculum that instructs with high-quality materials and is currently used in 5 African nations. It can be adapted to a national curriculum and the local culture yet offers a much higher level of learning. We have a teacher training center in Lagos, Nigeria that trains teacher to use our curriculum.


wergirl_50Worldwide Educational Resources (WER)

Parent company of Education in a Box, is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization overseeing two major educational programs: Education in a Box (EIB) and Living Books Curriculum (LBC).

The mission of Worldwide Educational Resources is to create and distribute an educational curriculum that encourages academic excellence, sound moral character, and a lifelong love of learning. Our vision is for an education for the children of every nation, regardless of circumstance or opportunity.

Aligned with our goals to provide all the instructional material necessary for each grade level through eighth grade, to provide training to those who will use these materials, and to develop a library for each school.


LBClogo.50pxhiLiving Books Curriculum (LBC)

Living Books Curriculum (LBC) is WER’s stateside for-profit program markets a variety of curricula to homeschooling families, mainly in the United States, but also to families in English-speaking countries, and American families living overseas. LBC homeschool curriculum uses the approach of literature-rich, learn-by-doing education inspired by the work of Charlotte Mason.

The proceeds from the sales of LBC curricula contribute to the support of EIB.
Please visit livingbookscurriculum.com for a more complete picture of LBC.